About us

Brief Summary

ELMAHMOUD TRAVELmember of the Egyptian Chamber of Tourism, was founded in (1995) under license (999) according to the law of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

The company operates in the field of tourism and the activities related to booking airline tickets, hotels and tourism programs inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is classified as one of the major companies operating in the field of Hajj and Umrah Tours in Egypt. It also has the membership of the major international institutions such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Web Network for Travel Agents (IWNTA).


Our Vision: Making ELMAHMOUD TRAVEL the first choice for those looking to get tourism and travel services to Egypt at all levels, and who are interested in traveling and enjoying with all countries of the world.

Our Mission: Providing tourist services on a standard of quality that keeps pace with global progress in the tourist services and in a way contributes to the development of tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and full striving to meet the needs of all our customers.

Our Motto: Travel has a fun and be completed with us

Our Goal: We have endeavored in order to achieve our first goal by forming a crew of experienced and efficient tour operators at a higher level of continuous work to provide consulting services and full support to our customers, respond to their inquiries and to provide them with the best means of integrated care. Thus, we managed to providing Hajj and Umrah service to thousands of customers and achieving the highest level of their satisfaction.

We are now seeking to achieve our second goal, which is to provide all tourist services to all clients of tourism and travel offices, tour operators and individuals around the world who wish to visit Egypt with all its tourist destinations, whether they are groups, families or individuals, seamlessly commensurate with all requirements, and through a highly experienced team, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of services for tourism and travel all over the world.


Our Policy: maintaining a good relationship with all our dealers, including customers, agents and partners in success, including the hotels, airlines, transport companies....."; being careful to maintain and develop working relations and distinct friendship we have with our agents, partners and friends in the tourist companies all over the world; and also seeking to establish a good and new business relationships with agents and tour operators around the world.